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  • The app includes:

    Ohms law for DC

    Ohms law for AC

    L-C Resonance Calculator

    Y-Δ Transformation

    Electrical Energy Calculator

    Current density

    Basic transformer calculations

    Connection of capacitors

    Capacitive reactance

    Run a 3 phase motor on a single phase

    Capacitive Voltage Divider

    Capacitor Charge / Energy Calculator

    Capacitor alphanumeric markings

    Connection of resistors

    Voltage divider

    LED Resistor

    Decode the color bands resistors

    Encode the color bands resistors

    Wheatstone Bridge Calculator

    Resistor alphanumeric markings

    Conductor Resistance

    Conductor length

    Conductor cross section (by the formula)

    Voltage drop

    Electrical resistivity and conductivity

    Inductive reactance cable

    Maximum length of conductor

    Calculation Amps motor

    Calculation power motor

    Calculation kVa (3 Phase) motor

    Calculation Power Factor(3 Phase)

    Calculation efficiency

    Calculation of the motor slip

    Calculation motor torque

    Individual compensation three-phase induction motors

    Calculation motor power for centrifugal pump

    Calculation motor power for piston compressor

    Calculation motor power for the fan

    Three-Phase Motor Voltage Unbalance

    Three-Phase Motor Current Unbalance

    Allowable ampacities for wire (NEC,CEC,IEC,PUE)

    Wire Size Calculator (NEC,CEC,IEC,PUE)

    Motor protection (PUE)

    Maximum circuit conductor length (NEC,CEC,IEC,PUE)

    Maximum circuit ampacity (NEC,CEC,IEC,PUE)

    Conduit fill calculator (NEC)

    Minimum levels of short-circuit current

    Calculate fuse

    Leakage current

    Heating Element use Nichrome

    Calculate number cables that fits in a pipe

    IP Code

    Cable Reel Capacity

    Length of cable on a reel

    Calculate cable conductor weight

    Cable weight by formulas

    Wiring Color Codes

    Length of a Hanging Cable

    Appliance classes

    Electricity Cost Calculator

    Conversion wire size

    Conversion: Active power - Real power - Reactive power

    Calculation Reactive Power Compensation

    Translations AWG (American Wire gauge) in inches, millimeters, millimeters square and back

    Conversion cos(φ)-sin(φ)-tg(φ)

    Conversion of units of temperature

    Conversion of units of distance

    Conversion of units of pressure

    Conversion units of flow

    Conversion units of volumen

    Conversion voltage(Peak - RMS-)м

    Conversion units of energy

    Conversion SI prefixes

    Converter weight

    Time Units Conversion

    For each calculation is given a separate help

    Mathematical calculator

    Percentage calculator

    Online and offline handbook

    Making reports and screenshots. Save, print & send

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